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Life is not without mishaps, it's best to stay prepared when the unimaginable happens.

Give yourself and your family peace of mind with a cover that pays a lump sum in the event of the passing of the life assured within the benefit term. The cover is suitable for all lives (main life assured and additional lives assured) that are eligible subject to underwriting limits, age limits and insurable interest.

Our Greenlight Whole Life Assurance Cover pays a lump sum of the sum assured to the beneficiaries in the event the life assured passes on through natural causes or accident. The cover provides financial protection and security for the people you love.

Are you keen on ensuring your loved ones are catered for in your absence? Get an instant quote to get started. Learn More


Group Credit

Group Credit Starting From 1%

GCL is an insurance which in case the worst should happen to the borrower, the insurance money will be paid to the bank by the insurance ...

FLP Silver

FLP Silver Starting From UGX36,000 Annually

We can't predict the future. However we can help our loved ones by planning for it with l...

FLP Bronze

FLP Bronze Starting From UGX70,000 Annually

We can't predict the future. However we can help our loved ones by planning for it with l...

FLP Gold

FLP Gold Starting From UGX108,000 Annually

We can't predict the future. However we can help our loved ones by planning for it with l...

FLP Platinum

FLP Platinum Starting From UGX140,000 Annually

We can't predict the future. However we can help our loved ones by planning for it with...

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Bob Nilson 20:15 When could you send me the report ?
Ella Wong 20:15 Its almost done. I will be sending it shortly
Bob Nilson 20:15 Alright. Thanks! :)
Ella Wong 20:16 You are most welcome. Sorry for the delay.
Bob Nilson 20:17 No probs. Just take your time :)
Ella Wong 20:40 Alright. I just emailed it to you.
Bob Nilson 20:17 Great! Thanks. Will check it right away.
Ella Wong 20:40 Please let me know if you have any comment.
Bob Nilson 20:17 Sure. I will check and buzz you if anything needs to be corrected.



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